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CEO, Tesla   $259.9B   📈 $343M (0.13%)

Real Time Net Worth as of 10/7/23

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  • Elon Musk co-founded a total of six companies, which include Tesla, an electric car manufacturer, SpaceX, a rocket production company, and the Boring Company, focused on tunneling projects. He holds approximately 21% ownership in Tesla, combining both stock and options. However, he has pledged more than half of his Tesla shares as collateral for personal loans, totaling up to $3.5 billion.
  • SpaceX, established in 2002, has seen remarkable growth and is currently valued at nearly $150 billion, following a $750 million tender offer in June 2023. This valuation represents almost a fivefold increase in its worth over the span of just four years.
  • The Boring Company, with its mission to alleviate traffic congestion, successfully secured $675 million in funding in April 2022, valuing the company at $5.7 billion.

  • In April 2022, Twitter’s board agreed to a $44 billion sale of the company to Musk, who had earlier revealed a 9.1% stake and posed a potential hostile takeover threat. The transaction was finalized in October 2022, albeit with some legal disputes as Musk attempted to withdraw, and Twitter took legal action. Presently, Musk is estimated to own approximately 74% of the company, which has since been renamed as “X.”

Elonmusk Personal Stats

                                Age     52
                               Source of Wealth  Tesla, SpaceX, Self Made
                                   Residence            Austin, Texas
                                   Citizenship        United States
                      Marital Status        Single
                          Children                  11
                                  Education          Bachelor of Arts/Science, University of Pennsylvania
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“I operate on the physics approach to analysis. You boil things down to the first principles or fundamental truths in a particular area and then you reason up from there.”


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