Meet Mary Lou Retton: American Gymnastics Icon 

Olympic champ Mary Lou Retton in critical condition, battling rare pneumonia; daughter McKenna Kelley  seeks prayers & financial help. 

Mary Lou Retton Illness

Born 1968 in Fairmont, WV, at 55, Mary Lou Retton was inspired by Nadia Comăneci's 1976 Olympic win, moving to Houston to train with Károlyis. 

What is Mary Lou Retton's Olympic medal count? 

With five medals in the 1984 Olympics, Mary Lou Retton became an American icon and was honored as Sports Illustrated's 1984 "Sportswoman of the Year. 

Retton retired in 1986 before the 1988 Olympics. She entered the U.S. Olympic Committee's Hall of Fame in 1985 and the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame in 1997. 

What year did Mary Lou Retton end her gymnastics career? 

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After gymnastics, Retton ventured into TV and film, featuring in shows like "Knots Landing" and "Baywatch" and competing on "Dancing With The Stars." She's now a motivational speaker and TV analyst.

Mary Lou Retton , the first American women  to win all around gold at Olympics in 1984, has four daughters : Shayla, MCKenna,  Skyla, and Emma.

Does Mary Lou Retton have children?

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