National Taco Day 2023

Let's Dive Into the Delicious World of Tacos! 

What Makes Tacos Special? 

A celebration of the iconic taco, embraced worldwide for its flavors, variety, and the joy it brings to food lovers.  

Taco Origins

Most experts agree that tacos were invented some time between 1,000 and 500 B.C. The first mention of the word “taco” in the United States was in 1905. 

From timeless street-style classics to gourmet masterpieces, explore the vibrant spectrum of taco varieties. 

Taco Varieties 

From Mexico to the world, witness how these delectable delights have captured global taste buds, becoming a sensation. 

Global Taco Love 

Dive into the world of taco customization with a plethora of delicious toppings that add flavor and flair to every bite. 

Taco Toppings Galore 

Journey through diverse cultures and their unique taco traditions and celebrations, adding spice to this beloved dish.  

Taco Traditions 

The record for the largest taco ever made weighed a whopping 1.5 tons! It measured over 10 feet in length and used thousands of pounds of ingredients. 

Largest Taco 

Join the Taco Fiesta! Celebrate #NationalTacoDay by savoring your favorite taco and sharing your tasty taco tales with us. Let's taco 'bout it! 

Celebrating National Taco Day